Skeptical About Data

We are data skeptics. We don’t believe a lot of what we see and hear. We believe in verifying. And we believe trust is the currency of this website. Here’s how we invite you to build trust in the information you find on SwayWhat.
1. Trust who you trust
Start by focusing your trust on what you already know. Find posters, both people and organizations, you already trust. Add them to your trust list. Pay attention to who they trust and what their favorite charts are.
Check the sources of the charts you see. Some sources you will find to be more trustworthy than others.
Filter your search results to only show you sourced charts from people you trust.
2. Check out the power users
As we grow we will implement a SwayStrength score. Posters will be rated based on percentage of viewers designating a post as a favorite; number who follow (a second type of feed for people whose posts you want to see but don’t necessarily trust are well sourced) vs. trust the poster; interconnectedness of the people who trust a poster.
When we are ready to implement the SwayStrength score we will be fully transparent about the ratings and how they are calculated.
3. Believe in our vetting
From the start we will select “Editor’s Picks,” posts that we have selected for value of information on a given topic and validated for quality of data.
Eventually we hope to grow large enough to hire a research desk. At that point we will vet and research the most trafficked posts. We hope our stamp of approval will become synonymous with good data and trustworthy facts.
Our mission is, “More facts. Smarter people. Better world.”
We can’t vet everything. But we hope you will join us in our mission to bring out more facts and build better understanding of how to evaluate truth. Together we can make the world a smarter and better place.

Find out more at SwayWhat:

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