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What is the Vermont Digital Economy Project?

Created by VCRD, with the goal of constructing more resilient communities after the 2011 floods, the Vermont Digital Economy Project is a continuation and expansion of the work performed by e-Vermont. This Project will offer free support that will speed … Continue reading

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The rare non-sucky infographic on climate change

By David Roberts There was a time in the distant past — call it the late 2000s — when infographics seemed like a good idea. You can pack all kinds of info into a visually appealing file that’s easy to … Continue reading

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What We Meausre

April 10, 2013 By Lynn Ungar I read an interesting study recently, which indicated that it turns out that being overweight, or even somewhat obese, doesn’t contribute to overall mortality. Read more:

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Statistics, Dynamite, Hair Removal Cream

Lebanon, NH Charlie Wheelan, senior lecturer and policy fellow at Dartmouth’s Rockefeller Center and author of Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data, spoke at Dartmouth-Hitchcock on April 5, about the “marriage of statistics and data” and how powerful … Continue reading

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