Spotlight: The Water & Environment Hub

We recently learned about this Canadian model for aggregating environmental data:

The Water and Environmental Hub (WEHUB) project is a cloud-based, open source web platform that’s making it easier for individuals and organizations to find, access, and share water and environmental data.

What differentiates our approach from many others is our scalable and robust, cloud-based IT platform and web-based applications that support a wide variety of datasets and international data standards. This allows the WEHUB to provide open and transparent access to many different types of environmental datasets from many different public and private sector data providers.

The WEHUB platform’s scalable and robust architecture supports a distributed approach to data management and sharing. The WEHUB allows any user or group to easily search, access and share water and environmental data from multiple providers and sources through a single web-based window. The WEHUB’s advanced “translator” feature allows it to pull data on-demand from a growing variety of different data sources, and present this data to users in a unified, standardized and consistent format.

The WEHUB’s comprehensive and searchable data catalogue directly connects users with a requested dataset, and a full metadata profile. Users can easily add their own data to the WEHUB’s catalogue, selectively share their collection of data, comment on other datasets, or build mobile and web-based applications using the WEHUB’s API toolkit.

The vision of WEHUB is to make all water and environmental data open and accessible via the web, freeing resources previously consumed by searching for, and acquiring, those data. This collaborative approach will enable new water perspectives while accelerating water research, integrated management, innovation and economic diversification.

Find out more:


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