Genuine Progress Indicator: Call for Data

When the Vermont Legislature passed S.237, now Act 113, related to the now-required usage of the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) as a measure of comprehensive sustainability and well-being for Vermont, they authorized the Secretary of Administration to enter into an agreement with the Gund Institute to deliver the first version by January 15th 2013.

The 26 GPI indicators were reviewed during Measuring What Matters Conference (you can find them at the State of Maryland web site and read a GPI one pager).

The challenge is to find data specific to Vermont. Currently Project Manager Eric Zencey is looking for Vermont data on the following metrics that can serve as the objective foundation of several GPI measurements.

If you have developed time use data from any of the surveys that have been done, or if you know of any good sources that have Vermont specific time use data, that would be a great head start for the GPI team on the following measures:

  • Leisure time
  • Time spent commuting
  • Volunteer work
  • Time spent on domestic production (housework, elder and child care, etc.)
  • Cost of family changes

Gund is also looking for a GPI figure on Noise Pollution, where they also lack Vermont specific data.

For more information please contact Eric.Zencey ‘at’

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